Mon, 2015-08-03 16:01

After about a solid week of using Slack I feel that writing a short blurb about my first time reactions and usefulness are in order as our team now has moved from quite a few team collab softwares.

Off the bat Slack offers integration to tons of other useful website applications, for instance, our team uses Trello (Which is quite another useful piece of software for teams that could possibly call for a blog in the future.) and we have integrated a bot in which notifies us when another team member updates a card they're working on, from checklists to comments. This is extremely useful since I don't randomly have to guess and check back every so often at the card if I'm waiting on something as I get a notification on my desktop along with a noise to alert me so I can quickly get on the next item.

Sending photos has never been easier in a chat application as simply taking a picture and dragging it to the chat window allows you to upload it almost instantaneously and send it. When our designer needs to send us quick updates or images he no longer has to upload it to Dropbox, wait for it to upload, then send me a link, yet another very helpful feature.

Dedicated chat channels allow a team to organize the way in which they communicate. A meeting channel can be dedicated only to text exchanged meetings, A general channel can be set for discussing general team related topics and a random channel can simply be for talking non-sense. This allows a more focused approach in where and what is being talked about and can help easily filter data for easy consumption.

Slack offers pretty in depth customization from fun stuff to custom emotes, a gif command for posting random .gifs and just about any sort of bot for any sort of thing you can think of. You can also change the interface of your slack display with hex digits codes and can even customize the way your slack notifications sound.

Only a short week and tons of other things to discover but I feel that Slack has improved the workforce of our team and helped communication between each member of our team as well as practicing better work etiquette so I'd definitely recommend it for your team.

Written by
Anthony Marrero
Front-End Expert

A Florida native, Anthony is always living in the bleeding edge of modern design patterns and practices. He has built countless responsive and mobile websites using the latest technologies, and is our go to person for ensuring the finished product is pixel perfect on all devices. Outside of code he is an accomplished lyricist and musician.