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Hey readers,

A lot of developers and designers now-a-days are having a hard time trying to focus on their work. Especially in a world where you're free to simply open up a new tab and browse something for 10 minutes and get totally side-tracked. It's ok, we've all been there. With the help of a little self control and an app that is sure to change the way you look at how precious your work time is, you can nip that project in the bud without worrying about time wasted.

The application I'm presenting to you today is called Focus Booster.

I would love to point out that our Senior Developer (Antonio) and I have been using this application for quite some time now and I personally am impressed with the features that it has gained along it's path; from being just a simple desktop timer in which you set a time limit in which you work and a time limit in which you break.

With features like the pomodoro technique you're sure to feel accomplished and rested in between sessions. The beautiful mini timer is always on top with non-intrusive visuals and a reminder to what you're doing.

There are 3 plans to choose from when it comes to focus booster.

The first plan is free and allows you to reap only the benefits of the Desktop pomodoro timer. This gives you ability to manage your time from a limit as well as a break to accompany.

The second plans is free as well and gives access only to the online web-application timer; but this gets a little better... With features such as client/session labeling, data retention for 3 days and reporting, you can witness where and when you're at your most active. This can help fix bad down times, when to incorporate your extended break and how well you're generally doing, to name a few.

The third plan has a price but for a feather's weight of $2.99AUD/month or $29.99AUD/year you're given access to every goodie they offer. This includes the desktop timer, the online timer, client/session labeling and reporting and even exporting your data. Data retention on this plan is unlimited (In my opinion: this is a great feature because it allows you to view a year from now and see how we'll you're doing comparatively.)

All in all this application has proved it's worth. I don't see why incorporating this application into your work-style will be anything less then beneficial. For more information about Focus Booster, please visit:

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Anthony Marrero
Front-End Expert

A Florida native, Anthony is always living in the bleeding edge of modern design patterns and practices. He has built countless responsive and mobile websites using the latest technologies, and is our go to person for ensuring the finished product is pixel perfect on all devices. Outside of code he is an accomplished lyricist and musician.