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Typekit is a service provided by Adobe that allows a user to embed elegant fonts from various styles of typography with utter ease and simplicity. Over the course of developing websites I see the lack of care for typography and how cluttered Comic Sans sites have been over the last decade and with the services provided by Typekit you can be sure to have the cleanest of sites with only a few bucks a month.

There are 5 price plans to choose from, Trial, Personal, Portfolio, Performance, and Business.

Read the 10 Reason to use Typekit here. (

The Trial service is great for understanding how to embed web fonts if you're new as well as understanding how easy it is to use this great service by Adobe. Although it comes with a short selection of usable fonts there are definitely some worth using and for 25k page views a month this is great.

Not only does Typekit offer incredible web fonts at your disposale but if you're also a Creative Cloud user then you may benefit also by syncing fonts through your app. so you may use them with any Adobe service you're subscribed to. This is great for designers who don't want to spend lots of money on fonts for their new designs or scouring through old, rehashed and reused free fonts.

Typekit couldn't have made embedding a font into you site any easier then it is. Once you've made an account and logged it, you'll be presented at a screen with fonts, you may enter in 'Sample Text', the size, add a favorite or two, or even search for that one font of yours that became a new favorite.

Once you find a font, click into it and you should see a screen displaying it's Weights & Styles, here you can get a great idea of what it looks like. If you're happy with this selection, click +Use Fonts and add it to your 'Kit', if you don't have one already made then easily name it and designate a website that it should connect to. Once that is done and you save the kit with the font you have chosen it will give you a code to paste into your websites '<head></head>' tags in which you can then call in on your CSS files h2.title {font-family:'Typekit Font Name', sans-serif;}

We here are BSideStudios are happy with the use of this service and would love to spread the awesomeness that is, Typekit. Thanks Adobe.

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