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So you want a viral video eh?  Here are 5 quick ways to get wildly successful on youtube...

1. The "Ol' Switcheroo"

Is that Newt Gingrich in a wig?

So this one is called the "Ol Switcheroo" - it plays off a fundamental moral idea "don't judge a book by it's cover".   If you want to create a big viral video simply figure out a stereotype and then go the complete opposite.  Take a handicapped person but then show them as the craziest metal drummer.  Take a blind person and have them paint an insane painting.  If you don't have a real blind person, just fake it.  Remember that homeless guy who actually had a talent for voice over?  WOW a homeless man with a SKILL? 1 billion views.


2. The Random

I don't think you got enough random in this frame.

It's no secret that the internet loves random humor, if you read a few internet cartoons or memes you notice the weirder and more wild you get the more reaction you get.  So the Old Spice marketing team capitalizes on this by creating a super random campaign for the brand.  Using a huge ripped body builder and rockets, drums and bursting through walls- this ad campaign became wildly successful.  There is something that people find so CRAZY about a legitimate company paying for something so silly!  Lots of marketing teams are imitating this plan as we speak, I just saw the NBA All Star game and was hit with 20 of these, they have gotten so bad that you can't even tell what the brand is anymore.   The worst one is one where the line is "that's worse than" is said and then followed by some random scenario you wouldn't want to be in but with a wacky twist!  Gnomes tickling me WOW crazy AND hilarious!? Not.


3. The Good Deed

Nothing is more powerful than an image of a grown man humping pavement on Rodeo drive.

I think we all know the Kony2012 campaign by now, it blew up as one of the biggest viral videos of 2012.  Why?  Because it plays off the feeling that we are doing something by watching a youtube video.  It made people feel like they learned about the true tragedy in Africa without having to do lots of research.  It's like a documentary but without any of the research.  Obviously lots of poor things can be said about that campaign but I think the bigger picture is that this is one of many.  Making a series of powerful statements with sad music seems to resonate with most people.  Cue up the last song on a Deadmau5 album and write something like "Our strength guides us even when no one believes in us" or something corny and you will have a surprising amount of views and lots of people willing to share the video to show they care.


4. The Crazy Moment Caught On Tape

What is he going to do, fly into a kiddie pool?

A lot of these have been proven fake, including the one above.  Marketing teams have discovered gold, get some CGI guys to imitate a hand held camera look but show something MIND blowing.  You can do a million of these, you can kick a basketball 100 yards away blindfolded into a hoop - you can slice a hair with a sword in mid-air.  People go crazy for these moments that looks so real and just happen to be caught on tape that they share them in an effort to show they found something INSANE!  Then when most are proven to be fake and marketing for blank company, we hold a picture of lonelygirl15 to our heart and shed a tear.


5. The Animals Acting Like People


I actually can't even explain this one, just take an animal and make him do something like a person.  I guess it's in the same genre as the "ol switcheroo" but just put your cat in a fireman costume and watch him meow.  Take a dog and make him dance and put dubstep or trap behind him.  Just make them act out of character, girls can't seem to get enough.  The idea of an animal acting like a person seems to never get old with a certain demographic.


So there you go you are on your way to becoming a millionaire through youtube.  You only have to give me 10% of your earnings and we are even.





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